Detail Design & Workshop Drawings:

Ship motion and acceleration analysis and structural design

Design of deck structure to take moring and towing loads

In addition to hull scantling calculations from Classification Society rules, CMD Group can undertake detailed structural design from first principles to suit specific loadings. For example, towing arrangements to suit a specified bollard pull, mooring or towing loads. Or calculations of accelerations and motion-induced forces for structure supporting heavy cargoes or deck equipment.

Workshop drawings incorporating all details suitable for fabrication purposes can then be produced.

Recent projects include: Detailed design calculations and drawings for the sea-fastenings of a retrofit drilling rig to an offshore supply boat; Structural drawings for complex new subdivision on a 50m Landing Craft being converted to a passenger ship; Detail design for a new accommodation block on a passenger ferry; Detail design for a new container ship forecastle taking into account bow impact loadings; double-skin design  for a 5000t oil tanker and mooring/emergency towing design for a FPSO.

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